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Weatherizing For Winter

house with scarfWith cold weather quickly approaching, now is the time to prepare! By following a few simple tips, you can easily help keep heat in, keep cold air out and save money on your electric bill. Win-win-win!

• Invest in an inexpensive door draft snake, or, if you’re into DIY, make one yourself. (Low-tech hack: Use a rolled-up bath towel). Place it against the bottom of your front door to help prevent cold air from intruding and keep your warm air inside.

• Check your front door weather stripping. If it’s tattered, torn and lost the ability to compress, let us know! Put in a maintenance request and we’ll replace it. Tip: You can sign into your online portal to put in maintenance requests anytime.

• If you don’t already have them, hang drapes over the window blinds. Thicker materials can reduce heat loss during the cold months. Keep drapes on south-facing windows open during the day for warmth from the sun, and closed at night to keep the chill at bay.

• Rearrange your furniture or pull it out from the walls a few inches to prevent blockage of heater vents or baseboard heaters, and to alleviate potential fire hazards. Let us clean your heaters annually before the cold season starts! Jendi Properties schedules heater cleaning beginning in October.

• Reverse the direction of your ceiling fan (most fans have a switch to change the blade direction). When the blades rotate clockwise, it pulls warm air down from the ceiling space and helps circulate it around the room. In summer, counterclockwise blade rotation keeps you cool.

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Posted by: mhealy on October 29, 2015
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